Vishnu - The Lord of Sacrifice


Under the Hindu Trimurti or Trinity, Vishnu is regarded as "The Preserver or All Pervading.", the supreme being who makes, preserves, and transforms the World, according to Hinduism. The highest form of the divine, the unchanging absolute primordial Soul of existence, is endowed with the purest virtues and has a specific form but is eternal, unlimited, omnipotent, omnipresent, and transcendent. Vishnu has both benign and terrifying facets and manifestations.

He is often depicted by devotees as an omniscient being sleeping in yoga nidra on the coils of the serpent Adishesha, who represents time, floating in the primordial ocean of milk known as Kshira Sagara with his consort Lakshmi. Vishnu descends in the form of an avatar if the universe is invaded by evil, anarchy, or disruptive powers to restore celestial order, harmony, and preserve Dharma. Lord Vishnu, His Shakthi, and consort Lakshmi, as well as His Dashavatara, or ten main avatars or incarnations of Vishnu, are examined in this work.